Considered to be the largest sector in the world in terms of revenue in dollar value, the oil and gas industry is a global powerhouse. With hundreds of thousands of workers worldwide generating hundreds of billions of dollars each year oil and gas industry contributes globally. In regions which house the major NOCs, these oil and gas companies are so vital they often contribute a noteworthy amount towards national GDP. This sector is amidst the six core industries in India and plays a vital role in manipulating the decision making for all the other important sections of the economy.

In the oil and gas sector, maintaining product flow has the utmost priority. Having the necessary devices and supplies you need within arms reach when repairing or enhancing devices is important in maximizing productivity. The setback associated with workers travelling long distances to procure an item results in expensive downtime. AutoCrib systems are high-powered solutions for ensuring that your work-force has the necessary tools and MRO and PPE supplies they require to do their operations well.

Our sturdy custom made stock planning and consigned inventory management systems help construct a mindset in your employees and contractors that value the effective use of both equipment and time. That custom of conservation helps you command efficient and more profitable operations. Autocrib solutions industrial vending systems that vastly maximises yield in the oil and gas sector provides:

  • Suitable availability of materials to effectively increase productivity.
  • Lesser time spent in managing purchasing quantities with buying orders sent through automated tool box based on customer-specified thresholds.
  • Complete accountability through protected, authenticated access.
  • Firm control of gauge calibration management, thus ensuring processes preserve high standard.
  • Reduced inventory and storage costs through stock optimization features.
  • Administrator-defined entry settings that prevent access to users to obtain equipment those they aren’t authorized to use.