Machining is any of several processes in which a raw material is cut into a required final shape and size by a controlled material- removal process. In recent times, the processes that have this common theme of controlled material removal, is collectively known as subtractive manufacturing. In distinction from processes of controlled material addition, they are known as additive manufacturing. Exactly what the “controlled” part of the definition means can vary, but it almost always implies the utilize of machine tools in addition to just power tools and hand tools.

For machinists, the precise availability of specific equipment, MRO and PPE supplies is essential to increased productivity and reduced scrap rates. The AutoCrib product line incorporates many point-of-use solutions that provide employees prompt access to assets but using authentication that drives home the concept of accountability.
Futuristic hardware and software also entitle you to increase productivity and accuracy in all characteristics of your stock planning and consigned stock management software operations. Those profits can lead to easier operations and higher profitability. Autocrib provides precision machine retailers with:

  • Prompt access to equipment, safety materials, and other items for reduced downtime and higher productivity.
  • The ability to reduce tool costs by forcing the utilisation of regrinds
  • Supply management capabilities that assist in storage control and reducing on-hand costs.
  • Increased time for customers to focus on seller management as a result of automated procurement order generation
  • Futuristic stock tracking across cost centres.
  • System access that is both quick and secure, with multiple authentication options
  • The capability to restrict the distribution of gauges requiring calibration to ensure Quality Assessment processes are precise.