Innovative Inventory Tracking Solutions for the Construction Industry

AutoCrib® solutions for the construction industry help increase profitability by driving productivity up and costs down. Having the right item or tool at the job when needed, prevents time-wasting trips to the warehouse or to the hardware store to buy the needed items at a higher cost.

In an industry that averages 40% shrinkage, tool loss is costly. Companies must be able to track tool use and material consumption at the user level to discourage hoarding and theft, while enforcing accountability. AutoCrib® software reports accurate, real-time details about every item or material in your inventory, when you need it. You’ll know where the item is, who checked it out, what job it’s assigned to and more.


  • Highly portable, wireless-enabled units that can be moved easily between jobs and locations, providing convenient access to equipment, tools, and supplies wherever they are needed
  • Efficient procurement operations resulting from accurate inventory tracking across multiple cost centers
  • The latest technology for tool vending and tracking, including advanced RFID-based, serialized asset management capabilities
  • Granular access controls by user, job, item, quantity, and cost that ensure users obtain only the items they are allowed
  • Fast, secure access to the system with multiple authentication options

Information is the lifeblood of any successful company, so AutoCrib® solutions come standard with a host of reports and dashboards covering all aspects of tool and inventory management. They give managers and executives the real-time information they need to make operational decisions and formulate long-term strategies.